Sixteen paths to discover how beautiful the territory of our province is. Experience the nature, discover its beauty and finally enjoy the simple things that surround us. Riding your mountain bike, combining physical activity with spiritual pleasure. This site can only provide further raise to the touristic offer of the Isontino, stimulating an audience of fans to enjoy, in a sustainable way, our resources.

Detailed itineraries, profiles and maps: very useful tools that map the territory. This allows you to pass by green hills to mountain peaks, through the remains of the Great War (under complete renovation thanks to the project Carso 2014+), the vineyards and the sea.

Enrico Gherghetta
President of the
Province of Gorizia from 2006 to 2016

Gorizia (Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy), one of the Italian towns with the best quality of life (seventh in 2010 in the standings of the economical newspaper "Sole 24 Ore") and its surroundings (Isontino) offer a wide range of opportunities for mountain bikers. They feature an exceptional variety of natural, geological, cultural and historical environments.

  • The hills and vineyards of Collio with its white wines famous all other the world.
  • Carso with its paths, caves, and trenches of the 1st World War.
  • The magnificent forests of beech of Trnovo.
  • The Habsburgs' Panovec wood.
  • The extraordinary Mount Sabotino
  • The views towards the sea.

  • You've only to take your pick. Few areas can boast such a variety of environments within a few kilometers.

The 2nd World War drew a border that divided not only a territory but also the families. Slowly and inexorably that barrier has broken up and dissolved when Slovenia entered into the Schengen area in 2007. This allowed fans of off-road routes to use border posts previously only at disposal of the holders of special permits. Therefore old routes have been rewritten and new ones have been drawn, ideally to form a sort of new link between lands that history united and divided.

The particular geographic position of Gorizia is, for those who live here, just the normality. But for a tourist standing between the buildings of the town and being able to put one foot in Italy and one in Slovenia at the same time is certainly an exciting experience.

The idea to create this site and to offer this series of tracks obviously comes from my passion for this sport; but above all it comes from the desire to let the people know how gorgeous our land is, rich of proposals of any kind: natural, geological, historical, architectural and gastronomic.

The range of itineraries covers a large part of Isontino, and offers a complete vision of what it is able to give to those who are looking for small/large gems; the whole with starting points within a distance of 15 km from the center of Gorizia.

Have a good ride!
Marco Cumar